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The Glass Room Experience

Have you clicked on "I Agree" one too many times? Not sure who has your data anymore? Does it even matter? The Glass Room Experience is a visual, hands-on,...

Anger Management

Come learn strategies for dealing with anger in healthy ways.

Core Strength: Group Fitness

Fall Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. Focus on your core strength and stability with this short 30-minute express class. This class will challenge...

STOP! You are the difference we need!

This orientation will provide mentors with a complete overview of the iRISE2 Mentoring Program volunteer opportunities.

TRX: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus.

Walking Wednesdays

Come get your steps in with Owls Care at our weekly Walking Wednesdays!

How to Get Started in Research and Inquiry Workshop

This workshop, offered each month, will discuss the beginning steps on how to get started in undergraduate research and inquiry, including what is research,...

Why Readers with ASD struggle and what we can do about it

Join us as we discuss the reading development and how autism may affect a student's reading comprehension skills. Through this webinar, teachers will learn...