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Wellness on Wheels

March is Women's History Month!

Objection!   Current, Contentious and Confusing Legal Battles

Four Week Lecture Series with Irving Labovitz - Popular television shows and films​ about the law have made the legal profession seem exciting and...

March 2019 Potential Freshman Owls Tours: Boca Campus

Join us for your Boca Raton campus tour by registering above. Please check out a ticket for each person in your party. We offer campus tours at 9:30 AM and...

Core Strength: Group Fitness

Fall Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. Focus on your core strength and stability with this short 30-minute express class. This class will challenge...

Protect Your Parts

Come learn about STI's and why it's important to have safe sex.

Movies that Address Significant Societal Issues

Four Week Lecture Series with Burton Atkins, Ph.D. - Like good literature, good movies use their creative and narrative abilities to challenge us with...

Bodega Central

Open Forum! A discussion platform uniting the voices and experiences of our Hispanic/Latin faculty, staff, and students.

S.E. Wimberly Library Tour

Get to know the S.E. Wimberly Library in this 50-minute guided tour which is open to the FAU community and the public. The tour introduces service points,...

TRX: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus.