Tuesday, January 21

"Mr. Comey, You’re Fired!": The Unitary Executive and Separation of Powers

Honorable Bruce Reinhart will discuss decisions addressing issues of Presidential power in the last few years and what they may indicate about future cases...

Hispanic/Latina/o/x Mixer

Learn the history of the term "LatinX," how it became a trend, and why communities accept and/or reject the identity. After, play a kahoot game and compete...

Make a Difference Tuesday

Discover ways to make a difference anywhere you go by participating in the activity of the day!

The Prime Ministers Who Shaped Israel

In this four-part series, Professor Nurnberger will explore the stories of four giants of Israeli history and politics and their historical impact.

Music Americana: A Lifetime of Song

In this 8-week course, Rod MacDonald will examine the work, biographies and enduring importance of notable musical artists and attempt to sort myth from...

 FAU Neuroscience Seminar Series

SPEAKER: Gregory A. Clark, Ph.D., University of Utah. LOCATION: BC 71, Room 126, Boca campus

Tuesday, January 21