Monday, January 27

Does Trump Foreign Policy Make America Strong?

This 8-week lecture series by Dr. Robert Rabil examines some major challenges to U.S. national security with the objective of assessing and qualifying...

2020 Vision Boards

PEP Talk will be hosting a vision board making workshop on the first floor of the S.E. Wimberly Library.

DSU Week Kickoff

Celebrate 11 years of student life at the Davie Student Union with free cake and an opportunity to design your own Owl.

Emotional Intelligence Grow Older; Grow Wiser; Lead by Example

In this informative and entertaining lecture, Dr. Katz will explore emotional intelligence and its implications. Emotional intelligence, defined as “the...

Personal Library Tours

Get to know the library’s services, study spaces, and areas like Special Collections, Jaffe Center for Book Arts, and Recorded Sound Archives. These...

American Romance

This 6-week series examines American Romanticism, focusing on the ways writers and artists depicted the American landscape, personality and spirit of...

Fame and Anonymity

In this course, we will view eight unknown films starring top-flight actors. As always, Dr. Stone will unravel his storehouse of “tales of Hollywood and...

Monday, January 27