Tuesday, January 28

The Sinner Lurking in All of Us

The devil made me do it!” — Comedian Flip Wilson This lecture will describe how often circumstances, rather than our character, unwittingly shape our...

The Prime Ministers Who Shaped Israel

In this four-part series, Professor Nurnberger will explore the stories of four giants of Israeli history and politics and their historical impact.

DSU Kahoot

How much do you know about FAU? Compete along side fellow students for various prizes in a friendly game of Kahoot.

Music Americana: A Lifetime of Song

In this 8-week course, Rod MacDonald will examine the work, biographies and enduring importance of notable musical artists and attempt to sort myth from...

Level Up

Drop in and play some of your favorite video games across a variety of systems. Refreshments and giveaways will be available.

Great Decisions - U.S. Foreign Policy Lecture 2020

Jeffrey S. Morton, Ph.D., Professor & Foreign Policy Association Fellow Then click on 'Packages' in the upper left hand corner. Find the 'Great Decisions...

Personal Library Tours

Get to know the library’s services, study spaces, and areas like Special Collections, Jaffe Center for Book Arts, and Recorded Sound Archives. These...

Washington’s Floating World: How Politics in Our Nation’s Capital Has Become the World’s Most Important and Watched Theater

Steve Clemons, Editor-at-Large of The Hill, one of the nation’s most widely read political media outlets, will share his perspective on how Washington’s...

Tuesday, January 28