Thursday, January 30

The World in 2020: Geopolitical Threats and Hopes

Professor Walid Phares, a seasoned expert in international relations, a former advisor to two Presidential candidates, and current advisor to lawmakers in...

Electricity Wars: Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse, and Marconi

Toward the end of the 19th century, a fierce battle known as “The War of the Currents” was waged to control electrical energy. This lecture will discuss how...

SUES: Nail the Perfect Job

Learn why money isn't the only factor you should consider in your job search. Broward County Human Resources reps will help students understand all that goes...

Internship and Study Abroad Showcase

Research organizations attending and their opportunities on Handshake. Event only open to FAU students and alumni.

Objection! Current Contentious and Confusing Legal Battles

This series by Irving Labovitz, J.D. will focus on selected current, highly publicized, volatile and contentious legal issues presented in important selected...

Queer Coffee

LGBTQ+ students and allies will explore and discuss topics related to identity and inclusion.

Rethinking Civil Society in the Age of Revolutions

Don't miss Dr. Adrian O'Connor, an associate professor of history from the University of South Florida, give an exciting lecture that focuses on rethinking...

Zionism, Israel and American Jewry: A Polarized or Crumbling Relationship?

This lecture aims at understanding the crisis gripping the Jewish community regarding the challenges facing Israel and its policies and actions.

Jupiter Town Hall

Students will have the chance to hear from and interact with SG officials, including the Governor, Speaker, and all GAC directors.

The Songs of Willie Nelson

Join Rod MacDonald & The Humdingers for a fun tour through the life, music and genius of Willie Nelson, as told in his songs.

Thursday, January 30