Thursday, April 1

Thursday Meditations with Leah Parisian, LCSW

Come as often as you like for seated (chair, floor or cushion), guided, calming meditations with Leah Parisian, LCSW. The rest of your day will thank you for...

Virtual Event
Virtual Q&A Sessions for Newly Admitted International Students

These special sessions are for newly admitted international students to assist new students transition successfully to Florida Atlantic University. You will...

Virtual Event
A Theoretical Computer Science Perspective on Consciousness

FAU Center for the Future Mind Presents Manuel Blum and Lenore Blum. This event will feature a Q&A discussion about the video which looks at consciousness...

Virtual Event
OBJECTION! Current Contentious and Confusing Legal Battles

TV shows and films about the law make the legal profession seem exciting and glamorous. Discover how real law can be even more stimulating than its dramatic...

Virtual Event
A Theoretical Computer Science Perspective on Consciousness with Lenore Blum and Manuel Blum

The quest to understand consciousness, once the purview of philosophers and theologians, is now actively pursued by scientists of many stripes. This talk...

Virtual Event
Thirsty Thursdays

From 6pm to 9pm, enjoy happy hour drinks at the Esports Arena Patio (located next to the Atlantic Dining Hall), along with FREE computer gaming, all...

Thursday, April 1