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Adult social groups

All individuals with ASD ages 18+ are welcome. Groups will meet up to participate in different activities within the community in order to meet new people,...

2/19 7pm
STOP! You are the difference we need!

This orientation will provide mentors with a complete overview of the iRISE2 Mentoring Program volunteer opportunities.

2/20 12pm
World's Greater than Life Game Party

Join us for a one of a kind larger than life game party filled with fun, food, friends, cocktails, music, and out of this world prizes.

2/22 7pm
Migrations in Black Education Excellence: The Audacity of Hope in Perilous Times

This interactive event will bring together local teachers, community leaders, FAU faculty, students, staff and those interested in the educational...

2/23 9am
Participating in the Community

Participants will learn how to plan a quality outing for someone with autism, including all supports necessary to make it successful for the individual. Good...

2/28 3pm

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