College of Education Events

January 26 - February 25, 2021

Friday, January 29

Department of Exceptional Student Education Virtual Mixer

This event is intended to introduce attendees to the programs and faculty in the Department of Exceptional Student Education.

1/29 5:30pm
Virtual Event

Monday, February 1

Parent Training Series Spring 2021

Are you a parent and do you want to attend training seminars? During Spring 2021, FAU CARD will be holding training seminars for parents of children with...

2/1 10am
Virtual Event

Friday, February 5

These Images Don’t Represent Us: A New Civil Rights History of Anti-Blackface

Focusing on nationwide anti-blackface campaigns waged between World War II and 1970, this session will present a new history of the American Civil Rights...

2/5 3pm
Virtual Event
Navigating Academic and Education Initiatives Around Blackface and White Supremacist Backlash

Rhae Lynn Barnes, Ph.D., will briefly discuss her path towards both academic and public-facing education initiatives, with attention to the challenges face...

2/5 5pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, February 9

Self Advocacy: The Do's & Dont's for Adults with Autism

Do you want to know your rights as an adult? Please join us as our special guest discusses self-advocacy, your rights as an adult, & share tips for becoming...

2/9 4pm
Virtual Event

Thursday, February 11

Graduate College Information Session

The Graduate College has created hour-long information sessions to provide students with an overview of Florida Atlantic University and our graduate...

2/11 5pm
Virtual Event
Making Instructions Age Appropriate

Do you want to learn about age appropriate activities? Join us on Feb. 11th as participants will learn the importance of age appropriate activities. For more...

2/11 6:30pm
Virtual Event

Tuesday, February 16

Transition from High School for Individuals with ASD: What's Next?

Do you want to know what happens next after your child with Autism completes High School? Join us on Feb. 16th when Parents & caregivers will learn What is...

2/16 12pm
Virtual Event
IRISE2 Mentoring Program

Do you want to attend mentoring programs? IRISE2 will be having mentoring programs once a month, from January-April. Each program will be one hour. The...

2/16 12pm
Virtual Event
Spring Break Solutions

Are you a parent or caregiver of children with ASD? Join us on Feb. 16th from 3:30-4:30pm for Spring Break Solutions. The webinar will provide creative...

2/16 3:30pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, February 17

Toilet Training Tips for Parents

Do you want to learn about toilet training tips? Join us on Feb. 17th from 12-1:15pm for Toilet Training Tips for Parents. This webinar will provide training...

2/17 12pm
Virtual Event

Wednesday, February 24

TC Resource Fair

Do you want to attend a resource fair? The TC Resource fair will be on Feb. 24th from 12-1:30pm via Zoom. Live Zoom/recorded event highlighting current...

2/24 12pm
Virtual Event