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Welcome to Wellness

Learn and experience all of the FREE health and wellness services available to FAU students.

8/21 11am
Time Management

Start the semester off strong by discovering the best ways to plan out your time and make the most of your days!

8/22 11am
Fuel Up & Refuel

Maximize your workout by boosting your energy before heading to the gym and replenishing used nutrients afterwards. This event will walk you through how to...

8/27 4pm
Owls Against Sexual Assault

It's on us to prevent sexual assault! Come to this event to learn strategies that YOU can use to prevent sexual violence here on campus!

8/28 11am
Freshmen 15

Find out the truth behind the dreaded "Freshmen 15" and learn strategies to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle while in college.

8/29 11am

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