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Core Technology Conversations: Engineering Your Success – Landers, Robots and Buoys, oh my!

Join us as we showcase how researchers are using the Engineering and Technology Core in several current FAU projects to solve technical...

10/27 3pm
Research in Action: Will Worms Wriggle Us Closer to Solving Brain Disorders?

Join Osama Refai, Ph.D., as he talks about how disrupting dopamine in the brain can cause multiple neurodegenerative and behavioral disorders, including...

11/18 1pm
Research in Action: Can Communities Help Stop Re-Offending?

Did you know that two out of three people released from prison are rearrested within three years of release, and nearly half are incarcerated again within...

12/2 1pm
How do we Clean-up Government Corruption?

Is there a growing crisis of declining ethics in the public sector? Join Peter Cruise as he talks about best practices for government accountability and...

12/9 1pm

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