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Wednesday Yoga Session with Talia Golden

Every Wednesday @Noon with Talia Golden, certified instructor.

1/20 12pm
Wednesday Social Hour with Donna Drucker

I miss hanging out with friends! Anybody else feeling a bit fatigued lately? Anybody else feeling lonely and miss socializing? Well, me too! Come as you are...

1/20 7:30pm
Thursday Meditations with Leah Parisian, LCSW

Come as often as you like for seated (chair, floor or cushion), guided, calming meditations with Leah Parisian, LCSW. The rest of your day will thank you for...

1/21 8:30am
Why Meditate?

Why Meditate? Learn the immeasurable gifts of meditation and how to cultivate your own beneficial practice. Meditation is Marcelene Dyer's greatest...

1/21 12pm
Top 10 Mental Health Strategies for 2021

Join the lunch and learn conversation with Dr. Stacia Alexander, LPC as we explore the top 10 mental health strategies that will prepare you and your...

1/21 1pm

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