Honors College Orientation and Welcome

By attending the WHC Orientation program, you will learn about unique requirements and services that are available as we welcome you to the WHC family. It is a time to meet new students as well as learn from current students, faculty and administrators. Find out what the WHC community life is all about and what you need to succeed!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Harriet L. Wilkes Building
5353 Parkside Dr, Jupiter, FL 33458

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Skylar martin

Skylar martin 8/3/2018

I just finished orientation at the , and I can honestly say that I miss it. The first day was a bit awkward just because I didn't know anyone, but the biggest thing to remember is that literally EVERYONE else is in the same place as you. If you are willing to take that first step and initiate some conversations with people, you will very quickly find people to hang out with.