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Virtual Research in Action: Unzip Your Genes to Reveal the Past and Future

Join Raquel Assis, Ph.D., as she discusses novel ways of using computers to study how genes change in evolution and disease. She will address questions...

8/6 1pm
Virtual Research in Action: The Most Important Hubble Photos Ever Taken

Join Ata Sarajedini, Ph.D., as he talks about the most important pictures ever taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, launched 30 years ago. You'll learn...

8/13 1pm
Virtual Research in Action: Perspectives on New Cancer Treatments

Science has been beating cancersince the 1990’s, with more survivors every year. Join Gregg Fields, Ph.D., as he talks about the perspectives on new...

8/27 1pm
Virtual Research in Action: No School? No Worries: Fostering Child Development Outside the Classroom

Due to COVID-19, many parents and caregivers are curious about the potential impact on children’s development in the absence of childcare or school. In...

9/27 1pm

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