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Yimy Ceron Munoz

Yimy Ceron Munoz left a positive review 10/13/2017

It was great! It was exciting and energetic. The music, the food, the people just created a nice welcoming environment.

Riley O'Keefe

Riley O'Keefe left a review 8/31/2017

It was ok I don't really like rap music but I thought the football burning was fun

Catherine Aroca

Catherine Aroca left a positive review 8/31/2017

Great performers. It was awesome !

Vanessa Sevilla

Vanessa Sevilla left a review 8/31/2017

The actual bonfire started way, way too late. Last year the fire was going while music was playing, since at least 9:15, if not sooner.

Wadly Petit

Wadly Petit left a positive review 8/17/2017

It was really fun I met new people who are extremely friendly and my favorite ride was the zip line ride I are some burgers from the barbecue

Housing Lawn

Housing Lawn posted a photo 1/31/2017