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Redawnay Waterman

Redawnay Waterman left a positive review 8/14/2019

I enjoyed the diiferent things that I was able to do at the event.

Rodney Bazile

Rodney Bazile left a positive review 8/14/2019

Great event for incoming freshmen's. I looked at all the activities and had so much fun through the activities by the spirit of the kids. So much enjoyment and happiness was in the air.

johanna bensalel

johanna bensalel left a positive review 8/31/2018


Tianna Jackson

Tianna Jackson left a positive review 8/21/2018


Zoltan Vincze

Zoltan Vincze left a review 8/16/2018

It was good, would've been better if they didn't end it at 9 instead of 10, and if the swing was working. Also cons

Yimy Ceron Munoz

Yimy Ceron Munoz left a positive review 10/13/2017

It was great! It was exciting and energetic. The music, the food, the people just created a nice welcoming environment.

Riley O'Keefe

Riley O'Keefe left a review 8/31/2017

It was ok I don't really like rap music but I thought the football burning was fun

Catherine Aroca

Catherine Aroca left a positive review 8/31/2017

Great performers. It was awesome !

Vanessa Sevilla

Vanessa Sevilla left a review 8/31/2017

The actual bonfire started way, way too late. Last year the fire was going while music was playing, since at least 9:15, if not sooner.

Housing Lawn

Housing Lawn posted a photo 1/31/2017