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John Garcia-Landry

John Garcia-Landry left a positive review 9/23/2019

I had a great time at the event.

Lisbette Haro

Lisbette Haro left a positive review 10/5/2018

I truly enjoyed attending this seminar. The speakers were great and gave me perspective as to what to expect before during and after law school. Thank you for the opportunity.

Asja Misner

Asja Misner left a negative review 8/31/2018

They said it was at 2, so I went to my dorm after forum to change into my FAU shirt, ran back to the building it was in, got there at 2:10, and there was no one there...they were packing up. I thought it was going to be like a little social thing, but apparently it was only a group picture and then everybody scattered. I was disappointed, but the cookies and lemonade were good at least.