Parliament Hall

Parliament Hall (PAR) a suite-style residence hall consisting of both double and single rooms for freshmen. All suites feature a common entrance and two bathroom facilities. Each bedroom is equipped with unlimited access Ethernet connections and basic cable television service. Parliament Hall also offers a 24-hour desk operation community kitchen classroom library computer lab fitness room activity room multipurpose room laundry facilities and two-story study lounges. Enhancing the student experience PAR has an attached retail dining facility.

777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431



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Welcome Bash!

Join us in Parliament Hall for free food and to learn more about the Owls Care Outpost!

8/26 6pm
Fruit Friday

Swing by Parliament Hall to pick up a fresh piece of fruit!

8/30 9am
FAU Theatre Lab Presents When She Had Wings by Suzan Zeder

When She Had Wings by Suzan Zeder: Sept 7-29, 2019 A Heckscher Theatre for Families production A story told in sound, movement and words about 9-year-old...

FAU Theatre Lab Presents Everything is Super Great by Stephen Brown

Everything is Super Great by Stephen Brown: 11/30/2019-12/22/2019 A Co-World Premiere in conjunction with New Light Theater Project and Stable Cable Lab...

New Play Festival

Join Theatre Lab as we explore the freshest and most exciting work in American Theatre! This jam-packed festival welcomes some of the nation’s most...


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Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison left a negative review 11/13/2017

I got up early for this. I dressed up nice fir this. I commuted to Boca Raton for this. But, the training workshop didn’t really take place at the scheduled tome and place.

Romainska Moise

Romainska Moise left a positive review 10/30/2017

It was a great eye-opener and made me become more open minded and more aware of my environment.

Parliament Hall

Parliament Hall posted a photo 12/14/2016