Recreation and Fitness Center

The FAU Recreation and Fitness Center is the state-of-the-art facility where students faculty staff and alumni can meet relax workout and be engaged in FAU campus life. The building is located on the north side of the campus with parking conveniently located next to the building in Lot 4.

777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431



Upcoming Events

Gentle Yoga: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. This soothing, slow-paced, and a relaxing practice is beneficial for everyone, but especially for those who have...

11/22 12:15pm
Power Kickboxing: Group Fitness

Summer Three Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. For those looking for a workout that incorporates cardio, strength, & endurance all in one, this is...

11/22 12:15pm
HIIT: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. This high-intensity interval training class will combine short bursts of resistance and endurance training to keep...

11/22 4pm
Power Yoga: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. Connect with your mind, body and spirit in this fitness based yoga class designed for all levels. Yoga classes...

11/23 11am
Cycle: Group Fitness

Group Fitness Schedule Boca Raton campus. High-energy indoor cycling will push your fitness limits, building muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance...

11/24 5:15pm

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Evangecia St Cyr

Evangecia St Cyr left a review 10/23/2019

Just little hard to follow which makes it difficult to kinda focus which defeats the purpose of the class. Nevertheless, good class.

Ajay Singh Bisht

Ajay Singh Bisht left a positive review 9/26/2019


Matthew Freeman

Matthew Freeman left a negative review 9/14/2019

The center was locked. A bunch of students were standing outside waiting and nobody from the rc center shoes up for this event. Very disappointing and rude. There were signs for this event all over the dorms. If a student didn’t show up for an appointment we’d have a punishment. I called the rec center when they opened and they didn’t have an answer as to why nobody was there for this event.

Alan Bencosme

Alan Bencosme left a review 8/28/2019

It was a good experience, but more health science/biological companies would have been much appreciated. There weren’t many options in those fields.

Nicola Miller

Nicola Miller left a positive review 8/15/2019

It was great!

Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh left a positive review 4/4/2019

I was studying about MBBS in bangladesh at http://mbbsadmissionabroad.in/mbbs-in-bangladesh/ and came through this event, Great effort guys heard a lot about you.

daniel smith

daniel smith left a positive review 4/1/2019

Thanks for sharing the knowledge of yoga. we learned lots of new concept about yoga. Hopefully, visitors will be benefited by the following information.

Philomena Innocent

Philomena Innocent left a positive review 3/18/2019

Omg... the best work out class ever. Definitely will be back