S. E. Wimberly Library

The five-story S.E. Wimberly Library is located at the corner of Volusia Street and Dade Avenue. There are a few metered spaces in Lot 19. Additional parking is available in Parking Garage I.

777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431



Upcoming Events

Letterpress Appreciation Day Open House

JCBA's 10th Annual Letterpress Appreciation Day Open House Wednesday September 18, 2019 from Noon to 8 PM With screenings of LOS ULTIMOS: Endless...

9/18 12pm
Library Tours

Get to know the library’s service points, study spaces, and areas such as Special Collections, Jaffe Center for Book Arts, and Recorded Sound Archives. ...

9/18 12pm
Doughnuts with the Dean

Stop by the Wimberly Library's lobby on September 19th for some FREE coffee and doughnuts with Dean Hixson.

9/19 10am
Library Research 101 Workshop

The Wimberly Library is more than just books! Join us in learning more about our commonly used information sources and services. Recommended for all majors,...

9/24 12pm
Sita Sings the Blues

SITA SINGS the BLUES Two screenings on the big screen in the Jaffe Book Arts Gallery: Matinee: Thursday September 26 at 3 PM Evening: Thursday September...

9/26 3pm

Recent Events

Recent Activity

Carrie Shank

Carrie Shank left a positive review 9/16/2019

I brought my little brother, who loves learning about history and government, and we had a great time!

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Carrie Shank

Carrie Shank left a positive review 4/9/2019

Awesome experience! The people were so friendly and the trivia was interesting. I will definitely go again, should this event occur again.

Angela Brown

Angela Brown left a positive review 2/26/2019

Loved the fruit and cheese.

Natasa Cyrus

Natasa Cyrus left a positive review 11/4/2018

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Carrie Shank

Carrie Shank left a positive review 10/31/2018

Super awesome! The people were nice and it was the perfect place to hang out and talk about Harry Potter with other fans. My 7-year-old brother passed all the questions and won the 'Minister of Magic' badge!

Sara Greene

Sara Greene left a positive review 11/1/2018

What a great activity. Hope the library does more of them.

Sadie Shank

Sadie Shank left a positive review 10/31/2018

Owlwarts Halloween Competition was a fun way to enjoy Halloween with your very favorite topic, Harry Potter! I had a lot of fun doing the trivia and collecting pins. Thank you to everyone who helped out with this event, they did a great job!

Sarah Frazier-Jones

Sarah Frazier-Jones left a positive review 9/6/2018

The event was so popular that I actually wasn't able to make it inside the venue. I hope the Library will invite the speaker back for a reprise, and maybe in a larger space. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

S. E. Wimberly Library

S. E. Wimberly Library posted a photo 12/16/2016