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The Student Union is located on the east side of West University Drive. The main entrance from Glades Road onto West University Drive is the best route to take. Convenient parking is located in front of the Student Union in Lot 16. For over thirty years the Student Union has been the focus of activities programs services and facilities dedicated to enhancing our University community in an environment that embraces diversity. Whether you are a member of the campus community alum or a visitor within these links you will find information on an array of student and community services which will make your experience at FAU richer and more meaningful. The Student Union staff strives to adapt our programs and services to the ever changing needs of our students.

777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431



Upcoming Events

WeLead Diversity Symposium

Broaden your cultural competency and leadership knowledge in this one-day Symposium. Open and free to all FAU students and includes keynote speakers, several...

1/25 8am
Lavender Lunch

Lavender Lunches are an opportunity to discover important LGBTQ+ resources across the FAU campus and in the South Florida community. Students will also be...

2/20 12pm
Lavender Lunch

Lavender Lunches are an opportunity to discover important LGBTQ+ resources across the FAU campus and in the South Florida community. Students will also be...

3/19 12pm
Off the Page: Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel will read from her recent work as part of the Off the Page series. She is the author of Sing to It, The Dog of the Marriage, Tumble Home, At the...

3/19 7pm
First Annual Lawrence A. Sanders Publishing Symposium

The FAU MFA in Creative Writing and the Lawrence A. Sanders Foundation are pleased to honor Lawrence A. Sanders on what would have been his 100th birthday. ...


Recent Events

Freezer Pop Friday


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Pat Archer

Pat Archer left a positive review 1/16/2020

It was informative and I will use the resources to get a job after graduation. And use the student learning labs

Kristen Ambros

Kristen Ambros left a review 1/9/2020

Long and tiring, but informative and may help build bonds before even starting the semester.

Sarah Arias

Sarah Arias left a positive review 8/12/2019

it was clean

Sarah Arias

Sarah Arias left a positive review 12/17/2019

it was clean

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Yolgens Cadet

Yolgens Cadet left a positive review 10/16/2019

It was great and especially for the price!

Kriss Hidalgo

Kriss Hidalgo left a review 10/16/2019

Concert shouldn't be in auditorium

Alexis Vazquez

Alexis Vazquez left a positive review 10/13/2019

Very funny!

Mathew Gairala

Mathew Gairala left a negative review 10/13/2019

Was excited to go, saw we had to pay for tickets, turned me off from wanting to go. Kinda bummed cuz I know the comedian.

Sophia Arzola

Sophia Arzola left a positive review 10/13/2019

Honestly the three acts were REALLY funny and great. Overall it was a great experience! Especially that you’re able to bring someone who isn’t a student.